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The GGT Podcast EP04: Simply Ghee - All Things Ghee With the Ghee Gals

If you have ever wondered what ghee is all about and why you should be using it for cooking and buttering your bread, listen up!! In today’s episode, we are joined by two of our favorite ladies - Nancy and Bev of Simply Ghee! These ladies are full of fun and enthusiasm and love sharing their story about how Simply Ghee came to be.

We cover all the ghee basics, from the nutritional aspect to how cow's digestive system works to how they choose their ingredients (and why it matters where the ingredients come from!). We also dive into their AMAZING spice powders - they're delicious and have become a staple in our daily cooking!

These ladies are on a mission to share this wonderful superfood with the world and we can't wait for you to join us! You will learn a lot!

Resources mentioned on the show:

Simply Ghee (use code HEALTH for 10% off)

Pluck Organ-Based Seasoning (use code GODSGOODTABLE10 for 10% off)

This episode is brought to you by our wonderful friends at Green Pasture Products! They offer the BEST cod liver oil, full of healthy fat and vitamins A, D, E and K.

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