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The GGT Podcast EP03: Chef James Barry of Pluck

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

In today’s episode, we are joined by Chef James Barry who is the founder of an amazing company called Pluck! James is a wonderful and kind human whom we have had the privilege of becoming friends with over the past year. We can’t get enough of his organ-based Pluck seasoning - it’s absolutely delicious AND nutritious - we put it on everything but ice cream!

James is a featured speaker at our event coming up at Polyface Farm on August 12-14. He fits in perfectly with the Nose-to-Tail Nutrition theme and we can’t wait to hear what he’ll be sharing with us. We would love to have you join us! Check out this link for info and registration:

This episode is phenomenal, we cover everything from how James got his start as a celebrity chef (yes, celebrity chef!), his food and cooking philosophy, why he started his company Pluck, his wisdom on how important organ meats are to our health and wellness, his practical steps to getting organ meats into your diet, and why some of the common myths around organ meats are false.

James is on a mission to share these important, nutrient-dense foods with the world and we know you’ll learn a lot from what he shares in this episode!

Resources mentioned on the show:

Pluck Seasoning:

(use code GODSGOODTABLE10 for 10% off your 1st order!)

Pluck on Instagram: @EatPluck

Chef James Barry on Instagram: @ChefJamesBarry

Weston A Price Foundation:

Our favorite Cod Liver Oil: Green Pasture

Force of Nature Meats:

This episode is brought to you by our wonderful friends at Simply Ghee! They offer delicious, rich, nutrient-dense ghee - providing butter that doesn't have the tummy-bothering lactose that cause digestive issues for so many.

Use code HEALTH to save 10% on your order:

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