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Discover the joy of making
Sourdough & Artisanal Bread

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Maureen Diaz has been baking bread for her family for over 30 years! She has tackled the learning curve, tossed countless failed starters out to the chickens, and devoured every book and resource on sourdough bread and artisanal bread making that she can find.

She has two amazing online courses for you to learn how to take on this traditional art for you and your family! Explore the courses and our resources below. 


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In this 1.5 hour pre-recorded workshop, we cover all the basics of sourdough and as well as poolish which is a fantastic traditional bread starter that does not require the time and maintenance to keep a starter going.  

Sourdough & Artisanal Bread  PURCHASE

We are thrilled to partner with the School of Traditional Skills to bring the Complete Guide to Sourdough Bread. Maureen Diaz joins many other fantastic teachers (Joel Salatin, Sally Fallon, Carolyn Thomas, Melissa Norris, Justin Rhodes, and many more!) who share traditional skills on everything from gardening to raising backyard chickens to food preservation techniques.  

The School of Traditional Skills is a wonderful, membership platform which you can join with a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.  All the topics are fantastic and we're honored to be included and share the joys of sourdough bread.

Find more information and join here: School of Traditional Skills

Bread Making Resources

You can find a fabulous list of bread making supplies here on our Resources page

You'll find our best tips & tricks on traditional bread making here in our latest blog post.  

We just recorded a podcast with our friend Chelsea at Christian Nutritionist that gives amazing insight into the intricacies of bread making and why choosing the right grains is an important foundation to your bread making tool kit.  

What grains are suitable for bread making?

What grains are suitable for bread making?

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