We love seeing people out and about in the community!  Whether we're set up with a booth at an event or teaching a healthy eating workshop, we would love to have you join us soon!  


Would you like us to come to your area to teach a workshop or host a seminar?  Let us know at   

Weston A Price Annual Conference
November 5-7, 2021 - Allen, TX

The Weston A Price Foundation's Wise Traditions Conference has been a favorite event for many years!  Come say hello and visit our booth!

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1st Annual God's Good Table Conference
February 2022 - Kansas City, KS

We are excited to announce the first of many God's Good Table Conference - held in Kansas city, KS in February!  Stay tuned for more details and registration to follow soon!  


Rogue Food Conference
March 4-5, 2022 - Mayo, FL

Worried about your food and farmers? Rogue Food was started to educate and empower people to reclaim their fundamental right to food. To grow it. Share it. Sell it. Butcher it. Barter for it. And more.

Join us for this fantastic event and stand up for food freedoms!

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Nose To Tail
June 2022 - Polyface Farms, Swoope, VA

Join us at Polyface Farms for a fun and informative event learning about the philosophy of nose to tail eating which uses every part of an animal - maximizing God-given nutrition and minimizing waste.  More details coming soon!

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