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Healthy Holiday Desserts!

This week we had a lovely Christmas party with friends and everyone had to bring a healthy dessert to share! We feasted on delicious, homemade treats and it was wonderful to know that all the ingredients were fresh, organic, high-quality, and healthy. In the holiday season where there is so much over-indulgence and "It's that time of year, I'll have that extra sweet", it is so refreshing to have these options. We highly encourage you to do the same with your friends and family!

Here are some of the recipes from our friends - it's not too late to make some sourdough snickerdoodles or chocolate truffles for your Christmas dinner or New Years party! These recipes are not our own and came from various sources, including our friends at Butter For All.

Several of these recipes call for sourdough starter, we highly recommend making your own (check out our class on all things Sourdough at the School of Traditional Skills or our Sourdough & Artisanal Bread course for everything you need to know!), or you can purchase an active, moist sourdough starter or inactive, dry sourdough starter. Do be aware that if you are sensitive to gluten and are normally ok with some sourdough bread, you should be careful with some of these recipes. When fat is mixed with a sourdough starter, it may diminish the ability for the starter to break down the phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors, and gluten.

For the healthiest sugars, we choose organic coconut palm sugar, panela, maple syrup, raw local honey, or yacon syrup.

For flours and grains, we like soaking our own grains and grinding fresh flower, but if you prefer purchasing, we recommend To Your Health Sprouted Flour. They offer so many options for bread making, all-purpose flour, and gluten free flours. Some of our favorites are the Sprouted Einkorn, Sprouted Spelt, Sprouted White Wheat, and the Gluten Free Baking Flour. King Arthur Baking Company also offers great options in a pinch when you need to grab flour from the grocery store.

Don't forget the healthy fats and dairy! Grass-fed butter, ghee, and cream make all your desserts extra special. And extra-virgin, organic coconut oil and coconut milk is our go-to option for anyone with dairy sensitivities.

What healthy dessert options are you baking up this holiday season?

Please note that we only recommend products we use in our own homes. These recommendations may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, may earn our team a small commission.

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