Sharing the encouraging message of
health, healing & hope through timeless
principles rooted in God's word.  



For years, we have watched Christians struggle
with their health. For years, we have also struggled
with our own health issues. As we have searched for answers, we realize that the answers to our questions lay not in pills,
surgeries and injections; but in God’s word.


Join us as we share the knowledge we have learned and follow the principles laid out in scripture, demonstrated throughout history, and validated by science - one meal at a time!

I praise you, for I am 
fearfully and wonderfully 

Psalm 139:14 ESV


Join us for a Class!

We offer a variety of courses, focusing on preparing and cooking traditional foods and learning the fundamentals of a healthy diet.  

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Lacto-Fermentation: Kraut & Beyond

This class has ended, but the class recording is available to view at any time.

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Webinar with Celia Marie

This class has ended, but the class recording is available to view at any time.

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Sourdough & Artisanal 

This class has ended, but the class recording is available to view at any time.

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God's Good Table

God's Good Table

God's Good Table
#Shorts #rawmilk #eatrealfood #makemilkrawagain #makerawmilkgreatagain

#Shorts #rawmilk #eatrealfood #makemilkrawagain #makerawmilkgreatagain

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#shorts #eatpluck #eatrealfood #pluckyeah

#shorts #eatpluck #eatrealfood #pluckyeah

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Spectacularly Simple & Healthy Mayonnaise!

Spectacularly Simple & Healthy Mayonnaise!

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About Us

We are Maureen and Erin, a mother/daughter duo who love the Lord and love His people!

After watching family struggle with health issues and dealing with her own, Maureen knew there were answers beyond the advice conventional medicine gave.  She set out on a journey to learn and study traditional healing and cooking from every book she could get her hands on and every holistic practitioner she could find. She has been sharing what she has learned with her family, friends, and community for over 30 years!  Maureen has a passion for teaching, cooking, kayaking, showing immense love for all the people who join her at the kitchen table, and being an amazing wife and mother to 9 children.  

Erin is the oldest of the 9 and finds herself turning into her mother more and more every day - from carrying a little tin of sea salt in her purse to going through friend's pantries and throwing out their sugar, canola oil, and junk foods.  She also has a passion for learning and sharing, which grew from working through her own autoimmune issues.  Erin loves making her own skincare products, painting, having tea with friends, and living life with her wonderful husband.  


Healthy Food

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