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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Tis the season for the holidays - lots and lots of cooking, spending time with friends and family, holiday parties, and gift-giving! Black Friday sales are right around the corner and this is one of our favorite times to find good deals on gifts for under the tree, as well as saving on regular staples in our kitchen and home. We have gathered a holiday gift guide with some of our favorite things for everyone your list (including yourself)!

Please note that many of these links are affiliate links, which if you use to make a purchase it helps support our small business at no additional cost to you  - we are incredibly thankful for your support in this way!  And many of the products we share are from fellow small businesses-owner friends, so you are supporting multiple families while you check off your Christmas shopping list.

Table of Contents

Gifts From God's Good Table

If you have a cook on your list, give them the gift of learning a new skill with our online classes! All our online classes are on sale for $10 with code BF2023 until Nov 28!

The School of Traditional Skills is another great platform to learn everything from cooking sourdough bread and bone broth to raising backyard chickens and making compost! We are honored to be a part of STS (along with many other amazing teachers like Joel Salatin, Sally Fallon Morell, Shawn and Beth Dougherty, Justin Rhodes, Melissa K Norris, Lisa Bass, and more) with our class on Traditional Sourdough Bread. This makes a great gift for the DIY-er, urban farmer, or homesteader on your list!

And what could be a better gift than joining us for an Event - treat your spouse to a luxury getaway to the northern shore of Maine or bring the whole family to Wirtz, VA for a wonderful weekend full of learning about God-Given Food and Medicine! Check out our Events page for more details on what we're planning for 2024!

Gift Guide for the Cook and Food Lover


Our kitchen cabinets are filled with delicious, healthy spices and seasonings and herbs! Any cook and foodie in your life will love receiving these as gifts:

  • Pluck Organ-Based Seasoning 25% off with code BF25, from Nov 20-24

    • Don't let the organ part fool you - this is one of our absolute favorite seasonings we use EVERY DAY! We call this the gateway drug to organ meats :) The original, All-Purpose flavor is my personal favorite, but you'll love the Zesty Garlic if you're a ranch dressing lover!

  • Dr Cowan's Garden 25% off vegetable powders, 20% off tea blends, and 10-15% off pantry products, no code needed, from Nov 21-27

    • The vegetable powders are amazing and pack a punch of extra nutrition to soups, dressings, salads, rice, vegetables, and more. The Threefold Blend Poweder and Leek Powder are some of our favorites!

  • Simply Ghee 10% off with code HEALTH

    • We can't get enough of this ghee! Simply Ghee

  • Redmond Real Salt and Seasonings 15% off with code GGT15 plus double Loyalty points

    • Not only do we use the Real Salt on the daily, but we also love their seasonings! The Lemon Pepper, Garlic Salt, and Garlic Pepper are always close at hand by the stove.

  • Barefoot Microgreens Grow Kit

    • We love Barefoot Microgreens! They make growing your own microgreens so simple and fun for the whole family!

  • Holiday Honey from the Honey Truck

    • This special edition only comes around once a year and we can't get enough of it! The Holiday Honey is infused with clove, cinnamon, vanilla, and a Florida citrus twist.


No kitchen is complete without some useful kitchen gadgets! Here are a few we love and use every day:


Our kitchen booksheves are filled to the gills! Find some of our favorite cookbooks in the section Gift Guide for the Book Lover below.

Gift Guide for the Baker and Bread Maker

We have several amazing bakers in our family! These are staples in our kitchens and make great gifts.

Gift Guide for the Healer and Nutrition Nut

The health nuts in our family love these gifts!

  • Christian Herbal Magazine

    • We're so excited for the release of this brand new magazine (both digital and online options)! It's the perfect gift for anyone seeking to grow in their herbal journey, whether a newbie or a seasoned herbalist.

  • Java Boost from Cup-A-Health    20% off with code GGT20

    • Java Boost is a delicous, healthy coffee, but we especially love it because it's coffee with half the caffeine plus a boost of nutrition including turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, and antioxidant-rich muscadine seed oil. It's a delicious, gourmet drink for any cofee-lover!

  • Fermented Cod Liver & Butter Oil from Green Pasture 10% off with code ggt10

    • We've been using Green Pasture Products' fermented cod liver oil for years! It's one of the few supplements we keep in our cupboards at all times - we can't live without this one.

  • Energizing Morning Blend from Natural Hope Herbals 20% off through Nov 30

  • Barefoot Microgreens Grow Kit

    • We love Barefoot Microgreens! They make growing your own microgreens so simple and fun for the whole family!

  • Just Thrive Probiotics 25% off with code BF25 until Nov 29

    • We're very picky about probitics and the Just Thrive spore-based probiotic is one of our favorites!

  • TheraBulb Near-Infrared Red Light Bulb 15% off with code GGT15

    • We love red light therapy for healing, arthritis, wrinkles, skin health, and more! TheraBulb offers very affordable red light bulbs so you can set up your own system in your home on a budget. You will also need a lamp guard to protect the bulb.

Gift Guide for the Book Lover

Books have always been an important part of our lives! Whether the books are for learning health and healing, learning about spiritual truths, learning new skills, books we read together as a family, or books we read for ourselves for fun - we just can't get enough of books! We're sure you'll find several of our favorites will make their way onto your shopping list.

  • The Nourishing Asian Kitchen

    • WE CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS COOKBOOK!! Our dear friend Sophia has poured her heart and soul into creating a beautiful cookbook with nutrient-dense, traditional, Asian recipes. We have personally enjoyed her cooking many times and we can assure you that if you love Asian food, you will love this cookbook.

  • The Bordeaux Kitchen

    • This French cookbook is beautiful! You won't be able to put it down, there are over 600 pages of beautiful pictures, recipes, and wisdom from our dear friend and francophile Tania Teschke.

  • Salt Fat Acid Heat

    • Another beautiful cookbook that dives into the experience of simple, yet wonderful elements of salt, fat, acid, and heat.

  • The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs

    • This book is near and dear to our hearts as it's Joel Salatin's wake up call to the Christian community to be stewards of God's creation in how we eat and how we farm and how we take care of the land.

  • The Christian Homemaker's Handbook

    • This lovely book features practical teaching from scripture with DIY projects and resources for the Christian homemaker.

  • Little Britches Book Series

    • We read this series together as a family many years ago and it has left sweet memories in our hearts. It is the remarkable, true story of Ralph Moody and his family as they grew up in the early 1900's, as farmers and ranchers facing life's adventures, both sweet and sad. Note: you will need tissues.

  • Floret Farm's The Cut Flower Garden

    • This one is for the dreamer, the artist, the creative, and the flower gardener - it's such a beautiful book!

  • Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ

    • This is a beautiful book for the Christian who is seeking to know who Jesus is and understand His heart more deeply.

  • The Daily Grace Co. Bible Studies

    • We love all the Bibles, Bible studies and resources from the Daily Grace Co! Some of our favorites are the From Eden to Eternity series (Amen, Faithful, Rest, and Worship), the Psalms series, the study on Romans, the study on Ephesians, and so many more. They also have beautiful Bibles, their journaling Bibles are perfect for the artsy, note-taker on your list.

  • The Guide to Homestead Dairy Sheep

    • This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to raise dairy sheep on a small, family farm! Our friend Rachel Hester poured her heart into creating this ultimate guide and we highly recommend it for the homesteader on your list.

  • Polyface Designs: A Comprehensive Construction Guide for Scalable Farming

    • For anyone who is wanting to start a small homestead or who is already homesteading! Joel Salatin shares his genius farm designs and instructions for you to re-create on your own.

Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

Since God's Good Table is a women-owned, small business, we feel like we're experts in gift-giving for women! Here are the things on our own wish lists (husbands, hint hint...😉).

Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

With a family of 9 kids + spouses, half of which are guys, we are experts in gifts for the men in our lives. These gifts are a hit in our family!

  • Coffee Vanilla Tallow Balm from Hearth & Homestead   $10 off with code GGT23

    • This creamy tallow balm has just the right amount of coffee and vanilla scent - not too much and not too little - makes a great face and body balm for any guy! Don't forget to include a soap - the Chai Spice Soap is one of our favorites! Prefer to shop on Hearth & Homestead's Amazon store?

  • Ima Fun-Gi Shirt from Dirt & Devotion    25% off with code blackfriday23 from Nov 24-26

    • What guy doesn't need this t-shirt in their closet??? Or any shirt from Dirt & Devotion, they have the BEST shirts for everyone in the family!

  • Make Milk Raw Again Hat from Raw Milk & Deadlifts

    • Everyone in our family has Raw Milk merch from Luke and Tommy! We've been a raw milk family for 30+ years - it's the perfect gift for the raw milk fanatic in your life.

  • Redmond Re-Lyte Electrolytes and Pre-Workout 15% off with code GGT15 plus double loyalty points

    • This is always a hit with our guys and always on their wish lists!

  • Moose Run Coffee

    • We really love Matthew and Samantha at Moose Run Coffee, where they "craft coffee to the glory of the father"! They're a family-run, home business in the heart of the USA that roasts delicous, organic coffee.

  • CHOMPS Beef & Turkey Sticks

    • Beef jerkey is always on our guys' wish lists, but we're pretty picky about that kind of snack. CHOMPS are a great option and this is a great time to stock up on snacks!

  • Carhartt Men's Heavyweight Wool Blend Socks 15% off on Amazon

    • Don't laugh, but my husband asks for these socks every year! He refuses to wear any other kind of socks 😂

  • Apple AirTag 17% off on Amazon

    • Also popular with the guys in our family becuase they frequently mis-place their keys, wallets, toothbrush, lunchbox......the list goes on.

Gift Guide for the Kiddos in Your Life

We love kids and we love finding unique gifts for kids! But we also care about giving gifts that are timeless, educational, and not just an extra "thing" lying around cluttering up the playroom. Here are some of our favorites for the kiddos in our life:

  • Wooden Kids Knife for Cooking and Safe Cutting

    • Getting kids cooking in the kitchen is a wonderful experience and helps them build skills and independence. Cutting can always be scary, but these wooden knives make learning this skill safe and fun for ages 2-5 and 5-8!

  • Silicone Painting and Art Mat

    • If you have kids, you need this. You can even put it in the dishwasher!

  • Chick Shirt from Dirt & Devotion 25% off with code blackfriday23 from Nov 24-26 

    • I mean, this shirt is just too cute. All the kiddoes in our family have one of these tees!

  • The Kingdom of Heaven: A Gardening Primer board book

    • We love kids books that are both beautiful, but also teach Biblical truths. Danielle Hitchen has several board books that are wonderful!

  • God Listens When I Pray board book

    • The Daily Grace has so many wonderful books for kids, teens, and adults! Their Black Friday sale is amazing and you can snag a ton of books and Bible study resources for $5-$10 each! Our Great God coloring book is another great item to snag right now.

  • The Holy Spirit board book

  • Melissa & Doug Toys

    • We love wooden toys for kids! Melissa & Doug have so many sets that are 35-50% off this week! You can get your kiddos set up with fun kitchen and food sets, building sets, arts and crafts, and puzzles.

  • Usborne Puzzles and Activity Books 25% off all books from Nov 20-27 + free shipping on orders over $30

    • Puzzles and activity books are a hit with all the kids in our family - these Usborne ones are great for all ages!

  • Supernatural Sprinkles

    • These lovely sprinkles are a new find that are so fun, and a much healthier option than traditional sprinkles! You can get the kids baking and not worry about harmful food dyes.

Table of Contents

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