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God’s Good Table Personal Protocol for Respiratory Ailments

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

First, the disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv (Marcus Welby MD, for those born after 1970). What is written below is the protocol that has worked very well for our family and a few others with whom we have shared. I am constantly researching, open to new ideas and options, as I suggest you should be as well. Take charge of your own and your family’s health, don’t leave it seated solely in the hands of others, but do seek the advice of professionals when warranted!

As a wife and mother for well more than 30 years now, I’ve dealt with many rounds of ailments including croup, colds, flu, bronchitis, whooping cough and, yes, even CV-19; these things can be downright scary! But with the proper tools in your tool kit, you can face all of these challenges with confidence and ,of course, prayer.

None of us have ever been hospitalized for these types of illnesses. Actually, even childbirth has been dealt with primarily at home, with the hospital being reserved for the most serious of issues (such as my husband’s heart attack a few years ago). But any and all treatments for every disease should be approached thoughtfully and prayerfully, always taken seriously.

So below are the methods and recommendations that our family has utilized successfully, and shared with others with good effect.

Allow a fever to run its course-don’t try to bring it down

The common practice of lowering a fever is going against our bodies’ design. A fever is the body’s response to an invading virus or bacteria (although there are also a few other reasons for a rise body temp). In the presence of an antagonist the hypothalamus is triggered to raise our core temperature, while also lowering the external temp (hence, the chills). This in part works to disable the offending virus, bacteria, allergen, or other pathogen, while also triggering the production and activity of white blood cells, T-cells, which in turn attack the invaders. Thus, fevers are an important part of the immune response. We have seen fevers go as high as 105° (just once), but more often they don’t rise above 103°. Lowering a fever will most often increase the duration of an illness and possibly even allow it to worsen, something none of us want!

Absolutely no sugar!

Period, end of story. This includes all “natural” sweeteners, save honey or yacon syrup, which may be used only minimally (as in no more than a teaspoon, to sweeten herbal tea). Sugar feeds pathogens and slows the immune response, and that is definitely not what we want to do when someone is sick! Also remember: grains and starches convert to sugar (glucose) in the digestive tract, so it’s best to avoid even whole grains when ill. A spoon of quinoa or brown rice (added to and/or cooked in broth) or a piece of sourdough toast with lots of butter or ghee may be tolerated, but no more.

Chicken Broth

Even if that’s all the patient takes in, chicken broth nourishes, soothes, and heals. That’s why it’s commonly referred to as, “Jewish Penicillin”! Never made broth before? It's so easy and delicious! Check out our blog Beautiful Broth for an easy recipe.

Vitamin D

This is one nutrient that cannot be missed, and plays an integral role in strengthening our immune system. Don’t be fooled by the notion that we can get enough vitamin D from sun exposure - this is only partly true. In order for our bodies to produce this super nutrient, we must have sufficient cholesterol in the subcutaneous layers of the skin, which in turn must be exposed to sunshine during the height of the day, and be unencumbered by sunblock or clothing. The beta rays which interact within our skin are very short, and can only reach the earth to work their magic during the height of the day, when the earth is closest to the sun. So, this pretty much means, don’t count on producing much Vit D unless you live in a tropical or sub-tropical zone and spend loads of time outdoors. How then do we obtain this vitamin? From the fats and organs of naturally-raised animals. Lard and liver are two of the very best sources. Our family takes fermented cod liver oil from Green Pasture Products, an excellent source of full-spectrum Vit D, produced from wild caught cod from the clean waters of the north Atlantic. We also regularly eat liver and other organs from pastured animals, naturally increasing our serum D levels. When necessary, a Vitamin D3 supplement is often also beneficial.

Liposomal Vitamin C liquid or capsule

Ordinary vitamin C is of limited bio-availability, thus it is very important that one utilizes the amazing properties of true Liposomal Vitamin C, which is approximately as absorbable as the intravenous form. Typical forms of this nutrient are of limited benefit as the majority, usually also artificially formed, are excreted from the body without beginning to perform its antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-pathogenic work. We typically dose at 1-2000 mg every hour or two during the early, acute stages of illness and then back down to every 4-6 hours as things improve. An ascorbic acid flush is another type of Vit C treatment that we have used successfully in the past, but our preference lies squarely in the Liposomal C court. Regardless, if diarrhea develops (aside from any present due to illness), cut back. The body can not overdose on this nutrient as it is water soluble; thus, any which is not utilized will simply be excreted via urine and bowels.

These are the two types of Liposomal Vitamin C our uses regularly: Liquid Liposomal C and Liposomal C in capsule form.

Mono Lauric Acid Pellets

Mono Lauric Acid pellets are the concentrated form of the fatty acid found in coconut oil. It is a very potent anti-viral, anti-fungal, and general anti-pathogenic compound which works extremely well against many types of pathogens. We have used it very successfully for a variety of illnesses including CV-19 and Lyme Disease. One scoop, taken concurrently with the above Liposomal C, works wonders; but do not chew as these pellets are exceedingly bitter!


Zinc is an important mineral supporting immune function in that it encourages the body to produce white blood cells and fighter T-cells. Thus, it is very helpful generally. With our current emphasis on respiratory ailments, zinc deficiency may play a role in loss of taste and smell. It may also be that our zinc stores are taxed when fighting off certain illnesses, thus the increase need to take this nutrient in a supplemental form. Combine this with quercetin, bromelain, C and elderberry, and you have an immunity powerhouse! These are potent anti-virals which work in concert to destroy what ails you.

Essential Oils

Thieves (YL), OnGuard (DT), or another pure herbal blend containing cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, rosemary, etc. This can be applied to the soles of the feet several times daily, as well as a drop just at the base of the nose and 2-3 drunk either in a liquid, or taken in a gel cap. Definitely use a few drops in a diffuser throughout the day or night! I firmly believe that in old

and new testament times, the “anointing of oil” included these potent herbal oils as medicine, and should not be overlooked now!

Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they will be forgiven him. Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. - James 5:14-16

Nasal rinse and Nebulize

Rinsing the nasal passage, mouth, throat, and sinuses with pure, 3% hydrogen peroxide, saline solution, and a single drop of nascent or Lugol's iodine in a nebulizer destroys any viruses or harmful bacteria that are present (and replicating) in the respiratory tract. One can also gargle with saline solution or water to which a few drops of oil of oregano has been added. Read about Dr. Joseph Mercola’s protocol here - this is exactly what we do.

Hydrogen Peroxide Irrigation

This is a very helpful means of enjoying the benefits of germ busting H2O2. Simply have the patient lie down with his or her head sideways. Drop a drop earful of H2O2 in the ear canal and have them remain still until the bubbling stops (a rather pleasant sensation). Then, turn the head over and do the same for the other ear. Allow each ear to drain on a towel.

This treatment destroys pathogens in the ear canal of course, but this is also linked to the sinuses and throat where respiratory irritants live and proliferate. Afterwards a few drops of warm, garlic-infused olive oil to which a drop of oil of oregano has been added can be dropped into each ear canal, to soothe and protect. Massage gently to help it work its way deeper. This treatment can be repeated several times a day.

Onion and Mustard Poultice

Sulphur is an important nutrient internally which is commonly in short supply, yet is abundant in anything from the allium family, as well as the lowly mustard seed. When applied topically and with the use of heat, it can be a very potent means of transporting sulphur into the tissue which then breaks up congestion while knocking down infection. When our kids or us have had the croup or bronchitis, we have applied a poultice to the chest and laid down to rest with a heating pad. This has always been nothing short of amazing when done several times throughout the day. To do so, simply slice a white or yellow onion and steam the slices in just a little bit of water, covered, in a pan. At the same time make a paste of dry mustard powder and a little water. Spread this across a generous layer of cheesecloth or cotton flannel, then lay on a thick layer of onions. Fold over the cloth and place it on the bare chest (another thin layer of cloth may be used as the mustard can be irritating to sensitive skin); this should cover the entire chest area with the patient reclining. Place a heating pad set as warm as can be tolerated over top of this, turn on some quiet music or a good book and relax for 15-20 minutes. If possible, turn over and do the back also, draping the poultice over the area of the lungs. Do this several times a day as needed.


This herb has been used for thousands of years to combat illness and has truly stood the test of time! Even recently, when I personally experienced a bout of hard-to-kick sore throat and ear infection, I was able to get some elderberry juice into my system and literally within thirty minutes was feeling immensely better! What had been very difficult then became nothing more than a memory. All of the other things I had done seemed to hold the illness at bay, ebbing and tiding; it was the addition of elderberry that finally kicked it out of the ball park! Again, please avoid the sugary concoctions and instead use the plain, unsweetened juice. We typically buy locally, but here is an organic elderberry syrup that has a small amount of honey plus ginger, cloves, and apple cider vinegar.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas - especially thyme, as well as sage, rosemary, mint, and artemisia - are soothing and healing. I keep a collection of herbs growing year-round for both culinary and medicinal purposes, considering these an integral part of our “medicine chest”. This Breath Deep Yogi Tea is a soothing blend that we love too. Here is also where just a small dollop of honey is helpful and, if you like cream in your tea, it is a great excuse to take in the goodness of coconut milk or coconut cream. Pasteurized dairy is not recommended when there is any type of respiratory illness and should be avoided.

Rest, and Gentle Movement

Rest of course is needed for the body to heal, but laying still is contraindicated with respiratory ailments. One needs to change positions occasionally in order to disallow fluid buildup in any particular section of the lungs, which can make symptoms worsen.

Alternative Treatments

Of course Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and monoclonal antibody treatments have had a lot of press, predominantly bad. We must learn to look past the legacy media and “experts” to find what the truth really is; what is typically labeled “misinformation” is most often actually true and the best of all options! For more on truly beneficial treatments for our current situation check out any interview with doctors such as Peter McCullough and Robert Malone. There are others of course, including Mercola, Brownstein and more; their experience and knowledge are invaluable!

Dr. X has a protocol which many swear by. It is very well thought out and documented, definitely worth considering! And, his recommendations utilize some of what I’ve already written about here, but in greater detail.

And we highly recommend looking at these protocols from FLCCC Alliance and America's Frontline Doctors.

Armed with this information, the support of loved ones, and prayer, I am hoping that you will find you can beat most illnesses. But when in doubt do call a doctor; don’t take unnecessary chances. Sometimes it is helpful just to have a diagnosis or the reassurance that all is not as bad as you might have thought; then you can go home and make informed choices. But if someone is really, truly sick and not recovering, I would encourage you to take it seriously and get help!

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